Workshop Currency Risk Management (1 day)

After the collapse of the Bretton Woods system in the early 70’s, demand and supply determine the exchange rates on the currency markets. As a result, many companies and financial institutions were exposed to unpredictable changes in exchange rates. Banks have developed tools to manage the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. What are sources of exchange risk and how can it be managed?

This workshop will learn you: .

  1. To understand the currency market jargon and pricing.
  2. To identify the potential sources of currency risk.
  3. How to assess risk recognize exposure types.
  4. To manage currency risk using derivatives.



Participants do not need to have an economic background to do this training. This interactive workshop is a mix of presentations, discussions, assignments, games and short videos. The course is also suitable for participants with work experience in the financial sector.

This training is for professionals that work in the financial sector and want to know more about currency markets, such as: Cash Managers, Treasurers, Bank Relationship Managers, IT professionals, Consultants, Controllers, (Internal) Auditors, Back- en Mid Officers, Accountants, Legal experts, Journalists, Human Resource recruiters and Corporate Communication officers.
Also people active in imports en exports, such as purchase and sales managers will learn what impact exchange rates can have on their decisions and how they can manage the risks.



This is an example of a 1 day program

  • Introduction history of exchange rate risk.
  • Exchange rate price setting factors.
  • Exchange risk types (transaction; translation).
  • Spot market: organisation, participants and usances.
  • Use of derivatives to manage currency risk: swaps, forwards and options.
  • Currency Risk policy.
  • Valuation of derivatives.
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